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From personal relationship, real estate, digital, non-profit, ecom, food, travel, fitness, health and healing, coaching, automotive, franchising, social media, diet, cleaning, SEO, sports, consulting, financial, hearing, music, cooking, astrology, multi-level marketing, dentistry, psychiatry, supplements, legal, mastermnds, beauty, information, or any business -- THIS ONE SPECIAL WORD IS GUARANTEED TO SKYROCKET ANY BUSINESS! If you are seeking others to make a decision, opinion, persuasion, or cooperation, this one easy-to-remember word is all you need to flush out hidden emotional or intellectual desires. Simply by putting this one special word to work you will bewilder your competition and stop them in their tracks.

When Should You Use The One Special Word?

When you watch my free video you will learn how I use this one special word all the time. I've operated one of the oldest and most successful internet business since 1998, sold intellectual property to one of the largest bank in the United States, negotiated with billionaires and world Embassadors, sold millions of dollars worth of real estate, built a museum, led an International Non-Profit Organization, and inspired millions of genocide survivors to believe in themselves -- AND MORE!!! I didn't have to spend thousands of dollars and hours to acquire years of knowledge or hundreds of pages of information, videos, and swipe files that can't be found when you need them. Just one special word has helped me to win hearts and minds in seconds. Whether you are facing a relationship problem or struggling with selling informaton, service, or a physical product this one special word is guaranteed to turn the table in your favor.

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Every major business in the world uses this one special word to resolve problems and increase bottomline. They spend billions every year to perfect their processes through research, employee training, improvement, and lawsuits to beat competitions and increase profits. Imagine if there was a process for everyday people ( like you and I ) to command similar advantages for creating hunger for our ideas, products, or services? Well, there is -- It's One Special Word!

What Is The One Special Word?

. If you have not already figured out, it's the word PROCESS. While you may have heard of secret books, films, and other processes in your lifetime, this process is special and powerful because it is the easiest to remember process in the world -- YOU CAN USE IT TO SOLVE ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES EVERYDAY. The acronym PROCESS is protected and recorded at the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, DC. since 2003. I guarantee this ONE SPECIAL WORD will change your life in amazing ways.

Why Is This Word Special?

The Secret Is In The Acronym PROCESS!

I began testing my one special word in 2001 as a selling system that was easy-to-remember and implement 24 hours a day. Thousands of real estate brokers and investors implemented the acronym PROCESS to quadruple to ten-fold demand for homes. This timeless process evolved to help hundreds of thousands of individuals and other businesses from all walks of life to create demand for their ideas, products and services. From the early dawn of internet age in 2001 to modern day artificial intelligence, the PROCESS integrated principles of psychology, human nature, and technology to create demand using one special word.

The acronym PROCESS was designed for ANY business!

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I've used my acronym PROCESS to optimize the quality of my one and only marriage life for over 13 years. I've used it in my own businesses. I've used it to negotiate the best deals from big banks to street peddlers. I've used it to resolve problems for countless families. I've used it to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support charity causes. I've used it to sell millions of dollars in real estate. Virtually every successful sales and marketing courses in the world has been compressed into my acronym PROCESS. Whether you arrived here by, AcronymPROCESS.COM,,,, or my one special word can help turn your idea, product, or service into #1 in hearts and minds.

I have been called the KING of secrets information since 1998. But honestly-- I'm just a genocide survivor from Cambodia who came to America with nothing in the early 1980s. I have the uncanny passion and ability to piece together broken/forgotten pieces to build something great and AMAZING. I know how it feels to start from absolutely nothing ( zero ) and I know how it feels when someone extends a helping hand. If you were unfortunate as I was, to have started with nothing, and you desire to be #1 --- You need to know what others don't. And you need to be faster than the competition. That is the genesis of my One Special Word.

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Why Does This One Special Word Work?


Today, a typical person will check his/her mobile phone 200 times a day. Do you know what this means? I mean really - Do you understand the significance and impact of what I've just stated? Your success in business will depend largely on how well you understand and deliver solutions to people's problems, pains, and confusion in real-time. Simply put: There is no more right timing or wrong timing. People are hungry for your idea, products, or services ALL THE TIME. It will become picture-perfect when you recognize that to create hunger today you must follow a specific process. Through my IT'S IN YOUR PHONE® business model I've been practicing and perfecting the art of creating demand all the time. I know this because I've been around longer than Google has been a search engine and as far back as 1998 when no one knew who Facebook was. It has become a science for me and an opportunity to grow with amazing individuals like you.

Additional to being in your phone, it's about guaranteeing satisfaction. On December 15, 2020 -- IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COVID19-20 PANDEMIC - the United States Patent & Trademark Office approved and granted me the exclusive right to a second special word that will completely freeze and permanently disable your competition without competing on discounts and freebies. Can you say NoDiscount®?



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From to I've been the go-to expert for attracting over 300,000 paying customers, buyers, and clients since 1998.

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I took the RISKS Out Of Your Future Success.

Creating hunger in personal relationship, sales, or business might sound simple but it's not. Did you know that most great solutions never deliver satisfaction? Of the millions of patents filed every year to solve problems in society at the United States Patent and Trademark Office fewer than 3% reach success. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more.


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